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AFS Fair Market Value Lease


In today's ever-evolving business environment, a Fair Market Value Lease gives you maximum flexibility and low monthly payments while helping you manage technology obsolescence.

Three FMV lease options are available:

  • 24-month at 0% for $5,000 or more.
  • 30-month at 0% for $10,000 or more.
  • 36-month at 0% for $25,000 or more.)

As innovations continue to hit the market at a rapid pace, managing technology obsolescence is key to many businesses. New equipment helps increase business productivity- and if your company doesn't adopt it, you may fall behind your competitors.

The AFS Commercial Credit Fair Market Value Lease gives you low monthly payments and a range of options that help to keep your business using technology that's state of the art.


  • No initial cash outlay
  • Fixed monthly payments for simple, annual budgeting
  • Flexible terms to fit your budget
  • Equipment upgrade at any time, or return at the end of the lease
  • Assurance of having the latest technology
  • Not limited to Apple products

Lower monthly payments

The Fair Market Value Lease is ideal for companies that need the latest equipment, want low monthly rates, and don't want to make an ownership decision until the end of the lease. Monthly payments can be lower than traditional bank loans and leases that have predetermined end-of-lease ownership agreements.


  • Return the equipment
  • Refresh the equipment with the most current technology
  • Continue to finance the equipment at a negotiated payment
  • Purchase the equipment at its then current fair market value

Several end-of-term options

At the conclusion of the Fair Market Value Lease, you have several options. You can return the equipment, refresh it with the most current technology, renew the lease at a renegotiated rate, or purchase the equipment at its then current fair market value. (The fair market value is the price of the equipment as determined by commercially reasonable means at the end of the lease.) The lease's structure does not contemplate a full payout of the cost of the lease.

Comparison with other AFS Commercial Credit leases

The Fair Market Value Lease can best be viewed in comparison with the other AFS Commercial Credit technology leases. Compared with the 1$ and 10% Purchase Option Leases, the Fair Market Value Lease offers lower monthly payments.


10% Purchase Option Lease

Fair Market Value Lease

Relative monthly paymente rate Average Lowest
Purchase option Yes, at 10% of initial equipment cost Yes, at fair market value
End-of-lease price Known at outset Unknown at outset
Ownership decision End of lease End of lease