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AFS 10% Purchase Option Lease


Keep your technology current, keep your monthly payments down, and keep open the option to purchase your equipment-all with the AFS Commercial Credit 10% Purchase Option Lease.

In this changing economy, maintaining flexibility is just as important as maximizing the return on your technology investment. The AFS Commercial Credit 10% Purchase Option Lease allows you to do both.

This lease is ideal for companies that want to keep their technology current and need to keep their monthly payments manageable. It's for businesses that don't want to make an ownership decision at the start of the lease, but want to know the future purchase price from the outset, in case they decide to exercise their purchase option.


  • No initial cash outlay
  • Fixed monthly payments for simple, annual budgeting
  • Flexible terms to fit your budget (12-60 months)
  • Flexibility to add new equipment
  • Not limited to Apple products

Comparison with other AFS Commercial Credit leases

The 10% Purchase Option Lease can best be viewed in comparison with the other AFS Commercial Credit technology leases. Compared with the Fair Market Value lease, the 10% Purchase Option lease offers less financial guesswork, because the equipment purchase price is fixed at 10% of the initial lease amount. Compared with the $1 Purchase Option Lease, this product offers lower monthly payments as a result of the lease structure.

End-of-term options

  • Return the equipment
  • Refresh the equipment with the most current technology
  • Continue to finance the equipment at a negotiated payment
  • Purchase the equipment for 10% of its original cost



10% Purchase Option Lease

Fair Market Value Lease

Relative monthly paymente rate Average Lowest
Purchase option Yes, at 10% of initial equipment cost Yes, at fair market value
End-of-lease price Known at outset Unknown at outset
Ownership decision End of lease End of lease

Additional technology benefits

The 10% Purchase Option Lease offers additional technology benefits. The lease isn't limited to Apple hardware, so you can cover a wide range of tools, from software to training programs, in your monthly payments.