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Mac Business Solutions

About our Company

Mac Business Solutions, Inc. is a woman-owned small business enterprise, founded to provide personalized service to the Apple Mac segment of the computer market.

What started out as a home-based business has expanded into a unique and rewarding enterprise with locations in Gaithersburg and Frederick in the state of Maryland, plus a sales office in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

MBS Showroom in Gaithersburg, MD
MBS Showroom in Gaithersburg, MD

Our Gaithersburg location began as a sales and service space in 1994.
Today, we have expanded to a 6100 square foot space that houses sales, service, training, logistics, and inventory.

MBS Showroom in Frederick, MD
MBS Showroom in Frederick, MD

Our Frederick location opened in 2011 as a dedicated retail sales and service space. The arrival of MBS to Frederick and its surrounding area allowed local customers to access Apple-centric products and services which previously were only available by traveling to neighboring counties.

MBS today

Today, after 27 years, MBS is comprised of a multifaceted team of 34 employees. Despite having a variety of positions within the company, ranging from sales to service to operations, employees has a robust understanding of Apple products and solutions.

MBS provides complete solutions for current-day problems, from hardware to software, centralized around Apple products, for business, government and home users alike. Our business goes beyond just selling units, we create systems that are capable of handling exactly what the customer requires. Whether it is a solution for commercial real estate agents around the country or an iPad based point of sale system for a small business in downtown Frederick, MBS is equipped to generate Apple solutions that can handle the requirements of the customer.

Since day one, our primary goal was to develop solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Despite exponential growth and a dynamic market segment, that primary goal has held true today. MBS has always put a priority towards exceeding customer expectations, no matter the size of the order or the customer.

MBS Frederick Inauguration
MBS Frederick Inauguration, December 3 2011