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DaaS for Government Agencies with Apple


Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) provides end-to-end device supply, service, and management to include:

  • Planning and Management of Agency DaaS Solutions
  • Device Provisioning, Kitting, and Delivery
  • Mobile Device Management and Device Refresh
  • Ongoing Helpdesk Support
  • Logistics for end-of-life disposal or recycling
  • Wireless Carrier Network Services (may or may not be included)

Typically, DaaS service is determined by detailed mobility needs including identifying network coverage requirements; device technology, features, and benefits and determining the initial time period for the length of service.

Apple Devices for Business and Government

DaaS Benefits for your Agency

The primary reasons Agencies prefer to pay a monthly fee for devices, hardware, or equipment through a DaaS agreement instead of purchasing and owning them are:

Ability to Scale

Flexibility in scaling the needed devices to changing workforce levels provides efficiency.

Low Internal Resources

Third party planning and management of mobile devices eliminates the internal strain on staff resources.

Budget Flexibility

DaaS allows an enterprise to move the outright purchase of devices from capital budget to an operating expense, which for government purposes is an annual spending allocation.

Asset Obsolescence

Ability to refresh devices more quickly and to easily dispose of and recycle older devices gives an Agency newer technology on a regular basis and eliminates the labor-intensive process of device disposal.

Simplified Procurement

The traditional mobility procurement mobile forces government agencies to obtain hardware, software and services through different contract vehicles and providers, each one of them with individual activities, means, timeframes and costs, including:

  • Procure Wireless Services
  • Procure Devices
  • Procure MDM Solutions
  • Procure Apps and Software
  • Procure Network Infrastructure
  • Procure Accessories
  • Procure Support Services

The procurement process is greatly simplified for the individual agency within a DaaS model because many of the individual procurements are eliminated or combined.

There are many additional benefits provided by the DaaS model, including cost transparency, ability to scale up/down as needed, automated device refresh and better allocation of internal resources.

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DaaS through GSA

Mac Business Solutions is a GSA Schedule 70 contract holder, which allows you to obtain DaaS solutions including TAA-compliant Apple devices, services and even third-party accessories through this contract vehicle.

For more information about GSA and TAA-compliant devices please follow the link below.

Learn more about GSA and TAA

DaaS as an integrated solution

The key objectives of DaaS are to simplify mobility acquisition, management and reporting; to reduce overall mobility cost through more efficient service management, and to deliver mobility devices and services to the right locations, at the right time, that are fully functional to begin operations immediately out of the box.

Mobile Device Acquisition

Mac Business Solutions will identify mobile devices that meet your agency's usability, performance, and security requirements (this includes smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices).

Mobile Device Provisioning

Mobile devices are securely provisioned, kitted, and configured prior to deployment to multiple geographically dispersed locations.

Mobile Device Management

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is established, which manages all mobile devices and applications, performs remote sanitization of devices as necessary, and adheres to all security requirements as defined in the agreement.


All mobile device kits are distributed to the proper Agency personnel. Defective or damaged mobile devices are collected and replaced in a timely manner.

Asset Management

The inventory of all accountable property is tracked and reported upon for the lifecycle of the contract from initial distribution, to replacement of defective, damaged, or missing devices, to final collection upon completion of the contract.

Technology Refresh

An assessment of all hardware and software is conducted every six months to determine if any upgrades are needed based upon technology innovation, age of the devices, condition of the device or operating system in use.

Asset Obsolescence

Ability to refresh devices more quickly and to easily dispose of and recycle older devices gives an Agency newer technology on a regular basis and eliminates the labor-intensive process of device disposal.


All mobile devices are collected, securely sanitized of all Agency and government data, and evidence is provided to the contracting Agency that all mobile devices have been cleansed of all government data.

Why choose Mac Business Solutions

MBS is the largest Apple Specialist in the Mid-Atlantic area, and one of the few government-authorized Apple Premier Partners & Premium Service Providers in the country, facilitating Government Agencies with Software & Hardware Solutions for Mobile, Production and Research Environments since 1990.

Our team has more than 30 years working with Local, State and Federal Agencies across the country, helping them acquire the products and services they need in a timely manner.

We are familiar with Government processes and timelines; and have access to contract vehicles such as NASA SEWP, CIO-CS and GSA.

Solutions we can provide under a DaaS Agreement


When you purchase your devices from MBS, a unique DEP ID will be assigned to each one of them. This ID will be used to leverage effective and proven Mobile Device Management solutions such as JAMF or Apple Business Manager (ABM).

ABM allows you to manage your devices from a centralized location where you can monitor the device's activity, organize them into locations, and assign different access levels to the users accounts by assigining them different roles and privileges, among other management tasks.

Learn more about Jamf

Learn more about ABM/DEP

Repair Service

MBS is one of the few Government-authorized Apple Resellers with the status of Apple Premium Service Provider and Apple Premier Partner in the country.

This unique combination enable our service technicians to access training, repair parts and other Apple tools we take advantage of to shorten Break/Fix downtimes as much as possible. Both On-Site and Off-Site service are available for customers in the Washington, DC metro area.

Learn more about Apple Service

Network Evaluations

MBS can carry detailed network performance evaluations in order to determine if your agency needs to strengthen your network infrastructure in order to better serve an ever-growing user base.

These evaluations will help you accurately forecast your network investment as your network consumption increases over time, while saving financial resources by pinpointing exactly which areas of the network require improvements or which nodes are under-utilized and hold resources that could be moved to a different area with more traffic.

Learn more about Apple Consulting

Curated Accessories

In a market flooded with third-party accessories and manufacturers that dissapear as quickly as their products, it is difficult to identify those accessories that will help you protect and enhance your Apple device's functionality while offering a reliable supply and warranty.

With more than 31 years of experience as an Apple Solutions Provider, MBS has long-standing relationships with reputable manufacturers who have steadily been providing devices for our customers since day one.

By choosing MBS as your IT partner, you can put this knowledge to work for you, assuring that your DaaS solution will be supplied in a timely fashion and will have a comprehensive warranty backed by reputable manufacturers.