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MBS Volume Purchase Program

Mac Business Solutions' Volume Purchase Program provides commercial and government customers tiered pricing discounts on eligible products based on a yearly purchasing commitment of $100,000 & up. Discount rates vary by product family and minimum committed purchasing volume.

All purchases made during a 12-month period will count towards the minimum purchasing commitment. Monthly purchasing reports will be provided to the customer in order to keep track of purchasing volume and savings accrued during the month.

Additional Benefits

BYOD Program

Corporate and Government employees can extend the benefits of this program to their employees or subcontractors under a "BYOD" program. A separate online store for BYOD purchases can be created if required.

Private Online Stores

MBS can build private online stores both for corporate and BYOD purchases. These stores allow you to streamline purchasing and reporting tasks. Reporting tools, product offering and service options can also be customized.

Private Stores

Automatic ABM enrollment

All corporate-owned products can be automatically enrolled under the customer's DEP account for MDM management using platforms such as Jamf Pro, Maas360, etc.

DEP Program