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AFS $1 Purchase Option Lease


With fixed monthly payments followed by full equipment ownership, the AFS Commercial Credit $1 Purchase Option Lease is ideal for organizations that plan to use their computers for more than three years.

In this lease, the buyout terms are preset and included in the initial agreement. So there's no uncertainty about the equipment's final purchase price. And because the monthly payment plan is also predetermined, you can build predictability and stability into your technology budget.


  • No initial cash outlay
  • Fixed monthly payments for simple, annual budgeting
  • Flexible terms to fit your budget (12-60 months)
  • Flexibility to add new equipment
  • Not limited to Apple products

Additional technology benefits

The $1 Purchase Option Lease offers other benefits as well. The lease isn't limited to Apple hardware, so you can cover a wide range of tools, from software to training programs, in your monthly payments.

Comparison with other AFS Commercial Credit leases

The $1 Purchase Option Lease can best be viewed in comparison with the other AFS Commercial Credit technology leases. With the $1 Purchase Option Lease, you make your ownership decision at the outset of the lease and the end-of-lease price is set at $1.



10% Purchase Option Lease

Fair Market Value Lease

$1 Purchase Option Lease

Relative monthly paymente rate Average Lowest Highest
Purchase option Yes, at 1-% of initial equipment cost Yes, at fair market value Yes, at $1
End-of-lease price Known at outset Unknown at outset Know at outset
Ownership decision End of lease End of lease Outset of lease

AFS Commercial Credit: Leases for technology

AFS Commercial Credit offers leases tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The $1 Purchase Option Lease is one of several leases managed by Apple that are designed to address the unique issues of technology financing.

Our leases can help organizations manage obsolescence, can allow for mid-lease technology acquisitions, and can include Apple or third-party hardware, software, training, and accessories.