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Mobile Device Management

iOS provides all the tools IT needs to set up, deploy, and manage iOS devices without compromising the user experience.

Modern MDM technologies enable IT departments to manage all mobile devices in your company through a simple-but-powerful centralized web-based Console. You can enforce application and media policies, deploy enterprise apps and even wipe out the device's content remotely.

Network Evaluation

On-Site Network Evaluation Services are offered to corporate and government clients looking to optimize their networks, for instance, as part of the implementation of BYOD Initiatives.

This Evaluation Service will help you determine the best wireless access point structure needed for your organization's current and future demands, considering factors such as radio frequency coverage, interference, network density and security requirements, among others.

Asset Tagging

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving allows for a permanent tagging of your devices, including logos, serial numbers, department names, etc.

This in-house service is performed in our Gaithersburg location, where our design team will work with you prepare your logos, graphics and content, providing you with both electronic proofs and actual engravings done on test plates to ensure that the engraving will be done to your satisfaction.

Aluminum Foil Labeling

Aluminum Foil labels are perfect to tag mobile devices and are traditionally implemented when barcode tracking or asset serialization are required. These labels are extremely durable and can withstand abrasion and chemicals.

A heavy adhesive coat is applied to the back of the labels for a durable bonding to the device, even when it features a textured surface.

UV LED Printing

The UV LED printing process creates durable, full-color, photo-quality images, logos and text on metals, plastics, glass and much more, allowing us to print on devices and cases/covers from multiple manufacturers such as OTTER, Moshi, Logitech, etc.

Prints can be flat or raised, allowing for features such as embossed logos or ADA-compliant Braille instructions to be printed onto the device's surface.

Mobile App Development

Native Apps

MBS works with top-tier developers to integrate app development to our in-house mobile services as part of a larger deployment initiatives.

This approach enables us to streamline all steps of the deployment, for instance, to ensure app development and testing is properly coordinated with other steps of the process such as imaging, asset tagging and logistics.